Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Time To Get Started!

Oh, boy...the last 5 years have been fun and somewhat interesting for me.  I have 2 kids, both grown and have their own lives going on.  Because of this, I have 3 of the cutest and smartest grandchildren (no, I am not biased, just honest.  lol.)  The last 5 years have been chocked full of milestones and memories, thanks to my little angels. 
So, my oldest grandchild, Téa, is going to turn 5 in August.  She starts school in August, as well.  She will be in kindergarten!  That means, for me, that it is time to get started on some school clothes.  She has specifically asked for dresses rather than shorts or pants.  I think that is so cute.  I can not wait to get started and I need to start NOW.  I have gotten the fabric, the patterns, the pretties to go on the dresses, just need to get in gear and it is time! 

Check out the fabrics that I got and keep in mind sundresses, peasant dress, etc. and tell me what you think.   I am pretty excited, I think they will be darling and she is going to be so happy and so cute in them.   Grandkids are so much fun!!  

I know that alot of you are in the same boat that I am in with back-to-school time right on our heels.  It can be stressful I remember, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love the way young children get so excited about school, making friends, teachers, learning, growing up, and getting new school supplies and clothes.  Everything is like a new adventure to them and they soak up learning like dry little sponges.  This is just 1 more milestone that is so cool to be a part of!  Happy Kindergarten, Téa, grandma and grandpa love you!!



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