Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I love ACEO's !!

Do you know what an ACEO or ATC is?  ACEO stands for 'Art Card Editions and Originals' and ATC's are 'Art Trading Cards'.   Both cards are 2.5" x 3.5", just like the baseball trading cards we saw and collected when we were kids.

OK, now that we all know what we are talking about, let me just say that I LOVE ACEO's and ATC's.  Some of these beautiful cards are actual originals but alot of them are very nice quality prints of originals.  They are a great way for an artist to get their work out and about, I would think.  I am not an artist, but I do like collecting ACEO's.

If you are like me, you find all sorts of paintings that you love but you only have so  much wall space available for hanging paintings.  For me, this is where the ACEO's come in.  You can frame a bunch of ACEO's and hang them in groups by color, theme, or any other reason you might have.  You can switch them out occasionally for a different look in that space.  You can hang a dozen in a grouping and only take up as much space as one medium sized painting.  They are perfect for those little pieces of wall that are too small for anything else.  This is a great way to display work from your favorite artists and get to have pieces from all of your favorite artists.

This is one of my favorites from  "hjmart" , her work can be seen at her Etsy shop among many other places.

Another great idea for these cards is to make a coffee table book out of all of your favorite artists (most of them have ACEO's available now-a-days).   This book will get picked up by everyone that sits by it.  It is a super conversation piece and you can have so many different variations of artists and their styles.  It is great advertisement for anyone that you have purchased from, too.  You can tell your friends or guests how to find more of the work of the artists that they like. 

One more great thing about ACEO's is that they are fairly inexpensive.  That makes it easy to build a collection quick.  Some cards are actual originals and they will cost just a little bit more, but, they still are very inexpensive.

Oddball Art Co.
also found on Etsy.

If you are looking for something fun to get into and love a variety of looks, start collecting ACEO's.  It's addicting and fun!!  They also make great gifts or can be used in making a great gift, the sky is the limit with these little gems.  You will love it!


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