Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A quick minute just to touch base with y'all

Hi, everybody.
I am just stopping by for a minute, a real quick minute.   First, thank you to all my friends and family that took time to send me birthday wishes, whether by facebook, twitter, email, convo's, or telephone.  I really appreciate hearing from everyone, it really helped make my birthday special.  Second,  please keep a close eye on this blog.  Tell all your friends,  scream it from your rooftops.  What am I making such a 'hooplah' about?  I am going to do a shop feature, Etsy  shop of course, in a few days.  I am holding off for a couple of days to get the word out.  This shop owner is so super, she is giving everyone that takes a look at my blog with her interview a freebie!  How cool is that?  What more do you want?  I am really excited and think that this mystery person has a most beautiful shop.  So, spread the word and keep near by, this is going to be happening in the next couple of days.  Third, I just want to tell you how busy Kristi and I have been putting together the custom order that we got from our Etsy shop.  It is a fun order to put together and we are always happy to do 'custom orders'.
Well, times up, gotta move on, see ya soon.  TTFN, lol.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beautiful, Summery, DIY Centerpiece

 Now that summer is into full swing and 4th of July cook-outs are just around the corner, I thought you might like this.  I must admit that this is not my own idea, it comes from our friend - Martha S. (as in Stewart).  It is so easy and looks so fresh and elegant

Sand Centerpiece

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st Day of Summer!!

Happy 1st Day of Summer!!   That feels a little silly this year.  Alot of us have had 'summer' temps going on for a month now.  The kids here have already been out of school for almost a month.  School starts back up, here anyways, in just a short 6 weeks or so.  We know how fast that can fly by!  But, officially, today is the 1st day of summer.  I love the sound of that, always have.  As an adult, I don't care for winter and the temps and ice that come with it.  Yes, summer can get awful hot but I love the sunny, warm days, all the green grass and trees, and AC keeps me cool.  So if you haven't already done this....get out the shorts, the tank tops, T-tops, halter tops, the flip-flops, the barefoot sandals (get them at the Naked Hippies Etsy Shop), cool summer skirts, the pic-nic baskets, the swim suits, beach towels, the sunscreen...WHOA...summer fun requires a whole bunch of stuff , but it's all good.

 Happy 1st Day of Summer!!  Enjoy It!!

Can't Get Him Out of My Mind

Just like any other year, Father's Day has come and gone.  It is one of those days, like Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, family birthdays, that makes me wish I didn't live so far away.  But what is my problem?  It's not like this all the time.  Is it because he is fastly approaching 90 years old?  Is it the fact that he is having a serious, but routine, surgery tomorrow?  What is the deal?   Maybe its because I sometimes feel like I am not doing my share.  Maybe it is because I know he is out driving in the 'big city' traffic with reflexes that aren't like they used to be.  Lots of us are like that.  Is it because I know that he won't slow down, quit working so hard and enjoy life more?    Maybe it's because I always feel like I should show my love more often, even though I know and he knows that we have a whole lotta love there.  Is it because he always makes me feel like I am 'daddy's girl' ( although he also makes my sister feel the same way)?  I don't know why, but, I just can't get him out of my mind.  I've decided not to worry, it's a cool thing, and it's probably just because he has always been a super dad, he is very special to all of us, and I cannot say it enough....I love him so much! 
I love you, dad!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

And here we go again...

Hello, my old friends and new ones alike.  I had forgotten how much work it was trying to get a shop, a blog, a website, facebook, twitter, etc.   all together, up and running, making it look easy.  I know that you know what I am talking about 'cause we've all been there.   Remember those early days, creating and reading like it was going out of style?   I must be a glutton for punishment, as they say, because I am right back in the middle of it - all over again.  lol.  I am loving every minute of it, I guess the excitement of it all makes you love it.  But I will be so glad when I get it all situated, and hopefully looking the way I hope it will look. 
I do hope that you will give us a peek.  I think we (my daughter and I) have some pretty cool stuff.    Yes, my daughter is in on this madness with me this time.   I have to admit, I think that we both are enjoying working together.  We can also work alone, and that's alright too.   Back to the cool stuff...we are making all sorts of cards, gift tags, party sets, scrapbook pages, etc.   We have the most awesome collection of the best quality cardstocks and papers around.  We also are going to continue with our wonderful tu-tu's.  Every little girl loves a tu-tu and should have one.  lol.   I love to watch a little girl putting on her tu-tu and seeing how it transforms her into a spinning, giggly, little fairy princess.  I haven't seen a little girl yet that doesn't like a tu-tu.  We are also making baby necessities like blankets, burp cloths, crib sets, etc.  They make wonderful shower gifts.   I am also enjoying making a ton of purses, totes, and zipper pouches.   More great gift ideas, or get yourself something nice.  Last but not least, we also will have lovely pillows and other little tidbits like bow hangers and  pierced earring holders.
So, please, come give us a look.   It will probably take another week before I have everything listed, but you must come see.   Thank you and look for me at your shop, too.