Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can't Get Him Out of My Mind

Just like any other year, Father's Day has come and gone.  It is one of those days, like Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, family birthdays, that makes me wish I didn't live so far away.  But what is my problem?  It's not like this all the time.  Is it because he is fastly approaching 90 years old?  Is it the fact that he is having a serious, but routine, surgery tomorrow?  What is the deal?   Maybe its because I sometimes feel like I am not doing my share.  Maybe it is because I know he is out driving in the 'big city' traffic with reflexes that aren't like they used to be.  Lots of us are like that.  Is it because I know that he won't slow down, quit working so hard and enjoy life more?    Maybe it's because I always feel like I should show my love more often, even though I know and he knows that we have a whole lotta love there.  Is it because he always makes me feel like I am 'daddy's girl' ( although he also makes my sister feel the same way)?  I don't know why, but, I just can't get him out of my mind.  I've decided not to worry, it's a cool thing, and it's probably just because he has always been a super dad, he is very special to all of us, and I cannot say it enough....I love him so much! 
I love you, dad!


Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

Hi Cinda! How did the surgery go?? I hope he is doing ok. Like you, I love my dad so much and I understand your situation perfectly fine. My best wishes to you and blessings friend!

hope said...

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