Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hi, All !

Hi, guys.  So sorry that it has been so long since we have seen each other.  I vowed not to ever let my blog be a bitch fest or a pity party or anything depressing and/or ever be conceived as a 'Debbie Downer' but....I must say this and I will make it short and sweet.   Please, please, please be as careful as you can be online with any information about yourself.  Even then, bad stuff can happen to you.  Oh yeah, I said the same thing..."not gonna happen to me".  Well, it did.  For going on 2 weeks now, I have not been able to use my Paypal, my bank account, etc.  That pretty much shuts you down, especially if you have an online shop.  I do have to tell you that my bank and Paypal have been tons of help, however, everything seems to take time.  Something else that really makes me ill is the fact that part of this problem was instigated by someone with an Etsy ID.  Not everything can be pinned on this person but this person evidentally played a part.  I don't know this person, except by his/her shop name.  I have not done business with this person, I have never even communicated with this person.  I am even afraid to look into this persons shop for fear of triggering something all over again.  Anyway friends, please don't think that you are invinsible, because you probably aren't.  Most of all, please be careful and keep a good eye on your accounts.


Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

arggg I know what you went through and I am so sorry! I am glad is kind of over now.

We miss you blogging!! xox

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