Monday, January 16, 2012


Hi, friends.  How are you?  I am sitting here listening to it sleet on my window.  I am warm but just the sound gives me goosebumps!  Thinking of sleet always reminds me of my dear mother, my ultimate
'Scrabble' mate, that years ago came up with the word 'sneet'.  The point of whether or not it is a word is not even important but it is always good for a laugh each winter when one of us gets to say that it is 'sneeting'.  Of course,  for anyone who wants to know, we say it is a combo of snowing and sleeting.  Makes sense doesn't it?  Has anyone ever heard a meteorologist use that word?  I would love to know.

I want to say 'Hello, welcome aboard' to our new friends that have joined us.  Feel free to jump in and give us your thoughts on anything - anytime.  I would love to have more interaction or conversations between all of us.  I dislike that we call each other 'followers'.  It makes it sound like a cult or secret circle of some such that we are joining.  I prefer friends, that's a nice word.  lol. 

We haven't looked in on my Pinterest boards lately.  How many of you have started some Pinterest boards.  I am hooked!  Hear are some of my latest pins....enjoy....

Isn't this great?!

A good winter shoe/boot!

From this......

...........To this.


Such pretty, soft colors.

          Then last, but not least........              


I think I can fly....

I hope this gives you a start to a good week.  Have fun and invite your
friends over.    
Later gator.

******Today's Tidbit**********

Each little flower that opens, each little bird that sings, God made their glowing colors, he made their tiny wings.
                               ******Cecil Frances Alexander*****


Karla said...

hhaha sneet... never heard before. But now a new word for me ;)

I am hooked into Pinterest too!

Loving the snowman pic and the last little chick/birdie?! Maybe too late for that week.. but there will be more this year, so have a wonderful rest of the week Cinda!


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