Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Cupcake Wrappers

Hello, friends,
Welcome to another new week.  (One week closer to spring! yea!)  Many friends are emailing about the handmade cupcake wrappers.  They are very simple and can be made out of any paper print or solid that you love.  I found so many DIY tutorials for this, I really didn't see the need for me to try to do a decent tutorial for you.  This is one that I enjoyed.  I found this at: .
We love our sweets...especially cupcakes. So for those of you who like to dress up your cupcakes with pretty wrappers, you can know make your own.
This tutorial is brought to you by Judy in Her Natural Element. She also has great recipes , especially cupcakes for you to try.
We suggest the Candied Sweet Potato with Mascarpone Frosting or the Grace Cupcakes.
Note: These use patterned paper, but you can personalize your own for a party, birthday or etc just by designing and printing out pattern on heavy cardstock. Just remember to extend design (bleed if all over patter like pic) past edges of template to make sure when you cut you don't cut off design.
I wondered if I could just make some myself...

I had a bunch of scrap-booking paper and materials, so I brought them out and started to experiment! I had paper of all kinds, rhinestone stickers, double sided tape, and craft scissors that produce cute scalloped edges!

First, I carefully disassembled a cupcake liner, and then taped it down to a sheet of paper to create a pattern/cut-out. But unfortunately, this didn't actually work. The angle of the arch was off. You have to make the "rainbow" shape slightly wider. So I ended up starting over. As it turns out, it required lot of trial and error.. but I was finally able to trim the perfect "rainbow" shaped pattern that would give me a great cupcake wrapper!

Then, the fun began! I created a ton of different wrappers by tracing and cutting out the "rainbow" design on different patterned paper.

I stamped some...

...and others I embellished with rhinestones!

A few hours later, I had a whole stack of them!

I was super tired that day and didn't have the time/energy to bake a batch of cupcakes for the Cupcake Wrapper Photoshoot, so I ran out to Whole Foods to purchase some. Thus, the cupcakes you're about to see are not actually made by me. They're still super pretty and they were great models for my wrappers! Not to mention, they were super tasty, too! =)

Cherry blossom gift wrapping paper.

Cute polka dots with rhinestones.

More with rhinestones!

Pretty green ones with textured paper.

Plain green ones with flower & rhinestone embellishments.

Aren't they fantastic? They turned out better than I could have imagined! And all it took was some imagination and persistence!
We thank you Judy for letting us use your tutorial.  I hope you find this useful. 
Happy Monday!!
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