Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eltsamp - another new fave on Etsy!

Hi, I have run across another shop on Etsy that I have to say,  "I love".   This wonderful shop is a little different from some because of the way it came to be.  

I will refer to the owner of this shop as A Pink Dreamer because I don't know her by any other name.  lol.  She started painting, art journaling, and mixed media art 2 years ago during a very difficult and devastating time in her life.  With the strength of her husband and 2 sons beside her, she started journaling and started a blog that soon turned on her mixed media art talent, as well.  Her blog is :   .  She took numerous on-line mixed-media art courses which totally began to change her life.  She has realized and is thankful that fear can be turned into something good.   It certainly did for her and she gives fear the credit for her becoming an artist. 

Eventually, she opened her shop in order to share  the happiness, inspiration, and encouragement that manifests in her art.  Her Etsy shop is :  .   It is a beautiful shop full of journals, jewelry, mixed media art and paintings, "fairy wooden boxes" and other "fairywitch creations".  Here are just a few of my favorite things from this shop!


apinkdreamer said...

thanks so much cinda!!!

maya:) said...

amazing adorable lovely and soooo cute work!!!!

cinda said...

Thank you, she does beautiful work!

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