Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good mornin'

Hi, all.  How is everybody doing today?  Knock on wood, I am feeling super.  However, my 3 year old granddaughter has what I have always dubbed as the 'crud'.  This is an ailment that can be a combo of a bunch of stuff and starts when school or nursery school start.  We have all witnessed it - runny nose, sore throat, puffy eyes, watery eyes, cough, maybe a fever-maybe not, cuddly, whiny, etc.  You feel so bad for them because you can't do a whole lot for them.  Sometimes an antibiotic, maybe something OTC (over the counter), mainly fluids and rest.   It usually doesn't fail that someone else in the household gets tagged with it as well.  So, now you have a couple of miserable feeling people. 
Then, we have a few in the family, that have allergies and hay fever so bad that we know that 'they must have it worse than anyone in  the world'.  So, we live in the Allergy Capital  of the US., to boot!
My daughter-in-law is now down with her annual brochitis, laryngitis, always- turns- to- pnuemonia bug.  Nothing like having no voice and 2 kiddos that are doing their best to make you want to holler. 
You know what is really sad about the whole shabang is that we are actually a very healthy family.  Really!  Pity the people who can't fight any little sick bug off!  Like I said at the beginning of this post,"I am feeling super!"
My other granddaughter, 5 year old kindergartener, is on fall break right now.  So, we were so glad to get to have her come stay for 3 days.  She loves to spend the night.  She started spending the night longer ago than she remembers, I am sure.  We have so much fun now that she is getting older.  The first day that she was here, we had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby, of course.  We planned out our crafts before we went to the store so that we would know what we were going after.  I had already told her that I would make her a tutu, those supplies are at home.  Then she decided to take a big coffee can and decorate it to be a bank.  It turned out very cute !  We also made a bracelet out of those square beads, with initials on them, spelling out her name and further embellished it with those dangling 'diamonds'.  We used royal blue diamonds on hers.  We got hair clips and feathers, but didn't get to them yet.  We also want to do the balloons that you wrap with string, twine, raffia, etc. that have been dragged through glue.  After the string, or whatever you chose to use, has dried on the balloon, you pop the balloon, get rid of all the balloon pieces, and now have string balls that can be all sizes, shapes, and colors and put in bowls or baskets, etc.  We will have to do those on the next trip.  We are so blessed to have my kids and their families near by.
Today is going to be grandma's day.  I am always making more stuff for the shop and have about 5 adorable tutus to post.  I have quit making just the basic tutu and try to snaz all of them up in some way.  I am also starting on some embroidery items that I am very excited about.  I need to get re-stocked on my burp cloths and blankets, too.  I forget, how many hours are in a day?  The same as your day, that is why you feel what I am saying.
Today's Tidbit:
     Tonight you can turn your worries to God and have a good nights sleep.  You've been worrying too much about the future lately.  So tonight, go ahead, put your faith in God, and have a  peaceful evening and a restful sleep.



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