Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet 'Dream Version' and Evangelia from Greece

Hi, friends!  I am so anxious about telling you a little about a new Etsy friend and a super person and her wonderful shop, .  The shop, Dream Version,  belongs to a lovely lady named Evangelia.  She and her shop are located in Greece.  I want to first give you the breakdown that Evangelia gave me on her name.   As you know, Greece is a very ancient and historical area.  Also, you probably know that some areas, in a certain era, paid alot of attention to the name given to a new baby.  The name 'Evangelia', in Greek, loosely means 'good + news'.  Angelica, as well as other similar names means 'Angel'.  It also refers to the action of annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, by the angel Gabriel, that she would become the mother of Jesus.  A good news angel...what a sweet name to give a baby girl. (Of course, there is a male version to the same name.)  What a great name!
Along with such a great name, Evangelia has a great talent and shop.  She is an illustrator and graphic designer.  Her shop is partly made up of digital downloads of circles and 1" squares for everything from stickers, jewelry, magnets, bottle caps, scrapbooking, etc.  These are created from prints of her original watercolor artwork.  Evangelia also has created some beautiful digi's for printable ornaments and cards decorated with a mobile and/or pop-up illustration, again made from her original watercolors.  If purchased, you will usually receive within 24 hours and they are re-printable a billion times. 
In this shop, you will also find Zodiac signs that are unique, 3D, originally handmade watercolor and mixed media collage artwork for canvas, wall or desk.    Each Zodiac card shows a conceptual painting, a calligraphic rendition of its sign, the latin number in the sequence of the zodiac and the name, date and element represented. 

So, as you can see, I think you should take a few minutes and give this shop a look .  It is one of my favorites and I think that Evangelia is quite the aritist.  I love her work and it could be something special to you, too.
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