Thursday, December 8, 2011

My new Martha Stewart Craft Station

Hi, everyone.  I am one happy girl tonight!  I just received the brand new, not on the shelves yet, Martha Stewart Craft Station.  My family ordered it for me, for Christmas, online and it came today.   So, all day long I have been playing and experimenting with my new "toy".  I love it!
This Craft Station is a must-have for any paper-crafter, card maker, scrapbooker, etc.   It is a multi-use tool that is a cutter, a light table for tracing, an embossing table and has a guide that helps you line up stamps or anything else that you want lined up straight and in an exact spot.  I am the one that can't stamp straight no matter what, so this alone will be a life-saver for me.  There are several templates, that are included, with scrolling, sentiments (like 'Thank you',  'Celebrate',  'Thinking of you', 'Happy Birtday', etc.) and letters and numbers.  It also has tools for embossing and cutting.  With just a little practice, I am going to be scrolling and writing phrases like I am a natural.  I am very impressed with the number of tools and templates that came with this kit.  This whole set-up is very well designed and put together.  It seems to  be "heavy duty" and not fragile at all.  The Craft Station is a little expensive but with coupons from Michael's, Joann's, or Hobby Lobby, you can get 40% off one item almost weekly.  That puts the price at a very reasonable spot. 

Thank you to my family for my wonderful, early Christmas present.  I love it and you♥.

Today's Tidbit
       If ever there is a tomorrow...there is something you must always remember:
             You are braver than you believe,
             Stronger than you seem, 
             And smarter than you think.
       But the most important thing is even if we're apart...
              I'll always be with you. 
                                            --- Winnie the Pooh ---


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